A poem of a sub eager to walk this path with love.

Door: moentje76
Datum: 05-12-2010

An exciting journey to the unknown traveling together
The more time you spend it will be getting even better.

In times there will be happiness, sadness and pain or feeling bad
you'll learn He will be there to protect and comfort you so you wonâ??t be alone experiencing that

Even if you try your best to resist it in every way
The eager to please and submit will grow every day

The ever growing hunger you have inside need to be fulfilled
When He tries to feed you and it works you will be thrilled

The more you try to resist you come to realize there is no other way
the longer you are together in this special relationship the more you will stay.

Then the best part will slowly slides into the system of yours
wondering, excitement and fear you feel but still eager to open those doors.

What is it what you feel inside your body and mind?
is it true or just trying to be blind?

Yes its true, real love has come along with this journey and the ultimate has been completed.
This rhyme will begin again and everlasting repeating..

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